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Heart-shaped breakfast with bananas and chocolate

Easy Breakfast – Sweet Hearts

3 min to read February is the month of love, alas, the whole world is set to accept it. For good or bad romance goes everywhere in our everyday life ...
Easy salty cookies recipe

Easy Salty Cookies

2 min to read Sunday again, and it should be sweet. Until now I always present to you my sweet delights that I love to cook. But as my sister ...
Home-made honey heart-shaped cookies

My Favorite Honey Cookies

2 min to read Christmas is long gone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy tasty homemade food, especially cookies. I am a person who does not like to spend ...
Quick Fruit Cake with Compote - Strawberries

Quick Fruit Cake with Compote

3 min to read It’s Sunday again, yes the Sweet Sunday. Each of us has а child’s memory of dessert that Mom prepared, most often on weekends, sometimes for holidays. ...
Easy Apple-Pumpkin Pie, served in a white dish with coffee

Easy Apple-Pumpkin Pie

3 min to read It’s Sunday again, a day for relax, a day for fun, a day for sweets. It’s also time for something to complement the good vibes and ...
Cake with Croissants with coffee

15-Minute Cake with Croissants

2 min to read For a long time I was wondering what should be the first ‘’tasty’’ post here … and finally I decided 🙂 Many people try to keep ...
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