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Different trips described as experienced. Here you can also find useful tips or ideas for your adventures.

Сграда в Латинския квартал

Amazing trip to Paris for 3 days (part 2)

6 min to read As I promised, I share with you the second part of the trip to Paris. More sights, ideas, photos, and of course a few recommendations that I allowed myself to share in conclusion. I wish you a pleasant, smiling, and fruitful reading! Notre Dame Cathedral This last year, the tragedy of the burning of the cathedral’s roof drew my attention even more to this exceptionally majestic Gothic building. Although I knew there was no way it could be examined in any way, I wanted to see it at least from the outside. Our next stop was Notre Dame. Mighty, sinister,Continue readingAmazing trip to Paris for 3 days (part 2)

Айфеловата Кула в Париж по залез

Amazing Trip to Paris for 3 days (part 1)

10 min to read The most romantic city… I don’t know according to whom. A cliché and a reason to be very biased towards traveling to Paris, but I still decided it was a city I would like to explore. A banal destination where I did not have much hope that it would impress me in the way that everyone describes. I think I made a mistake in my judgment and my expectations were shattered. A gorgeous city, with a lot of magnetism and diverse faces. Paris turned out to be not just a romantic place, I found it to be a city thatContinue readingAmazing Trip to Paris for 3 days (part 1)

Катедрала в парк във Виена

Trip to Vienna (Part 2)

9 min to read The days we planned for our trip to Vienna were two (we knew they would not be enough at all), but the afternoon in which we arrived and settled was not to be missed and we took advantage. We were 20 minutes walking distance to the main boulevard we would be walking along – Ringstraße – “The Round Street”, encircling the central city area of ​​the Innerestadt. Keep in mind that if you want to see everything, it’s incomprehensible for 2-3 days, but here I will share places you can organize into a tight program and walk around. I alreadyContinue readingTrip to Vienna (Part 2)

Vienna cathedral at dusk

Trip to Vienna (part 1)

5 min to read Again we put our most comfortable shoes and start a new trip. This time we decided to explore the Austrian capital – Vienna. Beautiful architecture, calm, enormous, inspiring and different. The combination of majestic palaces and charming parks turns Vienna into a very desirable and visited destination. However, it remains a calm, pleasant and in my opinion non-crowded European capital. Perhaps my impression of not overflowing with tourists is that we managed to visit the city in mid-September. Yes, everyone imagines Vienna at Christmas – Christmas markets, sweets, and candies … alas, it was not in my head. I ratherContinue readingTrip to Vienna (part 1)

Vatican city and Rome Panorama from St. Peters Basilica dome

4 Days in Rome (Part 2)

10 min to read Let’s continue with the walk through the beautiful Rome. Third day Vatican Museums Work time: Monday – Saturday: 9:00 to 18:00 (can be accessed until 16:00 and must leave until 17:30) Sunday is closed except for the last Sunday of every month when the entrance is free as long as it does not coincide with the national Italian holidays (8, 25 and 26 December, January 1 and 6, February 11, March 19, April 5 and 6, May 1, June 29, August 15, and Easter).

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