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How to take pictures better, different types of shooting techniques, lenses, tips and tricks for amateur photographers.

Portrait Photography in a Water Glass

3 min to read The idea was born surprisingly and simply after I had watched enough videos and photos of my favorite content creator: KutovaKika. After the ideas for the extravagant portraits without faces, I was ready for a new challenge, and shooting a non-standard portrait with glasses was inspiring enough. It turned out that it wasn’t as easy as it seemed to me as a final shot. If you are also intrigued by the idea, here are some tips I would like to know before I start shooting… Tricks and tips for good results Use a tripod if the photos will be self-portraits;Continue readingPortrait Photography in a Water Glass

5 съвета как да снимаме децата си

5 Tips on How to Make Stunning Photos of Your Children

6 min to read It is a well-known practice for families to organize and make photo sessions on holidays and occasions – be it for the first birthday, smash cake, for Christmas, for a forerunner, or for baptism. Wonderful moments, captured fabulously by people like me – photographers. BUT, everyday children do things that we constantly record on our phones. You can’t convince me that you have a child under the age of 5 and you don’t take at least 1 photo of him every 2 days! If this is the case, I advise you to shoot it more often, because the speed atContinue reading5 Tips on How to Make Stunning Photos of Your Children

Good and Low-budget 50mm Lens for Sony

5 min to read After switching from Canon to Sony system, I wondered for a long time if I wanted to have 50mm 1.8f again. My need was not very big, because I was already super happy with my Sigma 30mm 1.4f and nothing else could separate me from him (but for him in another article more). However, as they say: Nifty-Fifty, 50mm happiness, classic, and a thousand other definitions that I would not argue with. I decided it was okay to find my 50mm anyway, but somehow I didn’t want to take the standard Sony lens, it would be too boring. After Sigma,Continue readingGood and Low-budget 50mm Lens for Sony

5 Tips for Better Portraits with 85mm

5 min to read Taking portraits is an extremely desirable activity among photographers, as well as discussing which are the best portrait lenses, why, how, techniques… Like anything, as many people as there are opinions on the subject, I will not bother you in the article with recommendations on what to shoot with and how much better it is to do this and that. Here I will share with you some of my personal experience and work on some tips that work for me to create my staff. If they are useful to you, I will be grateful to have helped her Note: IContinue reading5 Tips for Better Portraits with 85mm

5 tips for better sunset photos

5 min to read That golden hour, that moment, call it as you wish … the magical time for photos … and more. Then, when the sky paints, the palette is unique, and every moment is colored differently. Then! A favorite moment for me, and for many other lovers of sunsets and photography. Even if you are not a professional photographer, you’re still tempted to capture the purple sky, admit it. Therefore, today I will reveal to you my 5 tips for better sunset photos. 📷Choose the perfect place Find out first about the hour when the sun sets and if you decide toContinue reading5 tips for better sunset photos

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