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Tasty food can be passion, hobby and vocation. Here I will share quick and easy recipes for different delicacies.

Cake with Croissants with coffee

15-Minute Cake with Croissants

2 min to read For a long time I was wondering what should be the first ‘’tasty’’ post here … and finally I decided 🙂 Many people try to keep diets and eat healthily, but home-made cakes can tempt even the strictest. Below I will reveal you one of my irresistible temptations. An extremely easy, very tasty, 15-minute cake with croissants that I like to bake even on Sunday. As a person who eats sweet every day, I really appreciate the taste of homemade sweets and often experiment. Not every attempt is successful, but that’s not a reason to quit. So, having that inContinue reading15-Minute Cake with Croissants

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