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Tasty food can be passion, hobby and vocation. Here I will share quick and easy recipes for different delicacies.

Heart-shaped breakfast with bananas and chocolate

Easy Breakfast – Sweet Hearts

3 min to read February is the month of love, alas, the whole world is set to accept it. For good or bad romance goes everywhere in our everyday life – gifts, chocolates, flowers and everything in the shape of a heart is sold and advertised. Whether you like it or not, it’s just a fact. In my opinion, the charm of love is far from all these things, and, as I have always thought, it hides in the small things and gestures. This time in the “Sweet Sunday” series I decided to share with you a recipe for an easy breakfast, which weContinue readingEasy Breakfast – Sweet Hearts

Easy salty cookies recipe

Easy Salty Cookies

2 min to read Sunday again, and it should be sweet. Until now I always present to you my sweet delights that I love to cook. But as my sister said one day – “Stop with this sweet, not everyone loves it”. I think that she’s not right, but let’s assume that there is such a possibility. So … this time I decided to introduce you something different, something salty. As usual, it’s an extremely easy recipe that you can prepare for less than an hour. Salty cookies are a wonderful addition to your coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Without more preface – directlyContinue readingEasy Salty Cookies

Home-made honey heart-shaped cookies

My Favorite Honey Cookies

2 min to read Christmas is long gone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy tasty homemade food, especially cookies. I am a person who does not like to spend much time in the kitchen but rather to do eat and to take photos. That’s why I will reveal to you my favorite super easy honey cookies recipe that you will fall in love with. Still, it’s a sweet Sunday! Products 2 eggs 2 tea cups of oil 2 tea cups of sugar 6 tablespoons of melted honey 1 pack of cinnamon 1 teaspoon of soda bicarbonate 1 teaspoon of crushed carnation 1 packContinue readingMy Favorite Honey Cookies

Quick Fruit Cake with Compote - Strawberries

Quick Fruit Cake with Compote

3 min to read It’s Sunday again, yes the Sweet Sunday. Each of us has а child’s memory of dessert that Mom prepared, most often on weekends, sometimes for holidays. The smell of the home made sweet invokes warm memories that make you feel cozy, warm and home again. Especially when it’s winter out. This time I decided to present you the cake recipe, which is my favorite childhood memory. Extremely easy and unpretentious dessert that will be prepared for up to 40 minutes – a fruit cake with compote.

Easy Apple-Pumpkin Pie, served in a white dish with coffee

Easy Apple-Pumpkin Pie

3 min to read It’s Sunday again, a day for relax, a day for fun, a day for sweets. It’s also time for something to complement the good vibes and make the weekend even more pleasant, namely – with pie. The season is Autumn – the sweetest time when fruits abound and I can enjoy my favorite apples, pears, grapes and pumpkins. For the recipe of this pastry will use the well-known apples and will add pumpkin, in honor of the forthcoming Halloween. As you can guess, the recipe will be neither complicated, nor labor-intensive.

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