Trip to Vienna (Part 2)

The days we planned for our trip to Vienna were two (we knew they would not be enough at all), but the afternoon in which we arrived and settled was not to be missed and we took advantage. We were 20 minutes walking distance to the main boulevard we would be walking along – Ringstraße… Read More Trip to Vienna (Part 2)


Trip to Vienna (part 1)

Again we put our most comfortable shoes and start a new trip. This time we decided to explore the Austrian capital – Vienna. Beautiful architecture, calm, enormous, inspiring and different. The combination of majestic palaces and charming parks turns Vienna into a very desirable and visited destination. However, it remains a calm, pleasant and in… Read More Trip to Vienna (part 1)

Food lover

Easy Salty Cookies

Sunday again, and it should be sweet. Until now I always present to you my sweet delights that I love to cook. But as my sister said one day – “Stop with this sweet, not everyone loves it”. I think that she’s not right, but let’s assume that there is such a possibility. So …… Read More Easy Salty Cookies